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Fans of the long-running hit TV series "Two and a Half Men" frequently saw star Charlie Sheen relaxing on the back deck of his Malibu beach house, laying on a comfortable looking chaise lounge, gazing out at his back yard of surf and sand, and at the Pacific Ocean. The average home owner may not own a Malibu beach house with an ocean view, but he or she likely does have a garden, if not also a deck
or patio, and after putting in the work to make that garden, deck and/or patio an attractive and comfortable area, how better to enjoy a warm spring day or a hot summer evening than to relax on a lounge, beverage in hand, maybe music playing, enjoying the landscaped view that you have created.

An outdoor chair may be ok for awhile, or even a stool, perhaps at a bistro table, but for true comfort, nothing beats a nicely padded chaise lounge.
Chaise lounges are available in a vast range of prices, from well under a hundred dollars for aluminum-framed, plastic-webbed varieties that are guaranteed to inflict a web pattern on any portion of the human body that has laid against it for 20 minutes or more, to elegant, long-lasting quality pieces of outdoor furniture, crafted from the likes of teak or cedar, or woven with rattan, expensive but certain to provide years of comfort and outdoor enjoyment.

Chaise lounges also are available in a variety of designs, from the classic Adirondack style still popular in classic natural wood models from companies such as Uwharrie, and in more modern incarnations made from synthetic and recycled polywood.

Chaise lounges featuring contemporary designs are also widely available and extremely popular. Wicker is a very common material for the construction of chaise lounges, form traditional styles popular for many decades, to modern styles such as those seen here from Atlantic, and also those produced by companies such as Source Outdoor.

Metals, modern plastics, and new finishing methods have provided many new dimensions in the design and construction of chaise lounges. Companies such as Bellini and RST Brands today produce chaise lounges utilizing such components as polyethylene and power-coated aluminum that bring new sophistication and style elements to a classic design. Speaking of such developments, RST Brands in particular has reached new heights in modern elegance with their Orbital and Hanging Lounge styles.

Not to be forgotten is the big brother of the chaise lounge, the outdoor day bed that
brings comfort and style up to a new, though generally expensive, level. Companies such as Cane-Line with their Savannah Day Bed, provide long-lasting, maintenance-free enjoyment for the deck, patio, garden or that back yard overlooking the ocean.

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