the Garden Tower 2
the 50-Plant Composting Container Garden
Grow 50 plants in just Four Square Feet!
The unique self-contained vertical garden allows anyone to turn their waste kitchen scraps into an abundant organic veggie or ornamental garden, using a small amount of space.
The Garden Tower 2 grows plants vertically, enabling you to grow 50 plants in a very small space -- the ultimate square foot garden with integrated composting! Most container gardens only allow planting on the top. The Garden Tower 2 has 45 openings around the outside and space for up to 5 taller plants on top, resulting in an impressively bountiful harvest. Along with the top, side planting pockets are large enough to accommodate compact root vegetables such as turnips, carrots, and radishes, and a wide variety of ornamental, flowering plants.

Garden Tower 2 50-Plant Composting Container Garden

Less Fertilizer, More Nutrients, Faster Growth!
Plants grow faster in The Garden Tower 2 because they are protected in their own special microclimate, and because they have constant access to nutrient-dense water. Water is steeped in a hearty brew of “compost tea” and “worm tea” via the vermicompost tube and returned to the soil repeatedly. This rapid growth means that you can grow a larger crop of spring vegetables before replacing them with summer plants. Additionally, the heat storage and insulation provided by the vertical composting Garden Tower 2 allows for an increased growing season over typical container gardening approaches which offer a less stable soil environment; other vertical growing systems simply do not have the necessary thermal mass.

ADDITIONAL FEATURES of the New and Improved Garden Tower 2:
  • Enhanced nutrient distribution: The vermicompost tube at the core of every Garden Tower 2 features 265% more perforations for greater access by plant roots and enhanced vermicompost aeration
  • Stacking & nesting planting rings: Customizable tower height and substantially reduced shipping size
  • It rotates! 360 degree rotation made possible by a robust integrated bearing track produces optimized sun exposure and better plant access
  • Removable compost tea drawer and compost screen: A major ease-of-use upgrade for better access and less bending over
  • Wide, reinforced, anchorable feet: Easily install castors wheels or attach the tower securely to any surface, including a rooftop
  • 100% Recyclable, Food-contact grade plastic: No plasticizers, no BPA, no phthalates. Only food-grade dye, antioxidant for UV protection, and high quality USA HDPE & polypropylene plastics

  • Garden Tower 2 50-Plant Composting Container Garden

    $499.00 $359.00
    Volume DIscounts Available

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    the Garden Tower 2
    and Water Conservation during Drought Conditions

    With our current and continuing drought conditions, the Garden Tower 2 is a perfect solution to both conserving water and still growing beautiful plants and nutritious vegetables. The Garden Tower 2’s unique design creates a self-contained system. Far less soil surface is exposed per plant than typical container gardens or traditional gardens, resulting in far less evaporation. The Garden Tower 2 recycles ALL of the water that passes through the system not lost to evapotranspiration by plants. Nutrient run-off is poured right back into the system. Once plants are established, the Garden Tower 2 only requires watering from the top, generally on only a bi-weekly basis.

    Garden Tower 2 50-Plant Composting Container Garden

    What is the Garden Tower Project?
    The Garden Tower Project is a Bloomington, Indiana. company that is dedicated to helping transform the face of gardening and food sustainability. To the Garden Tower Project, food security is more than just growing your own food, it is about growing healthy food. In an era of rapidly rising food prices and industrial farming practices that strips food of nutrients essential for good health, they believe the Garden Tower is one small step in empowering people towards their own food security.

    Terracotta Composting 50-Plant Garden Tower by Garden Tower Project

    Buy the Garden Tower 2 NOW!
    $499.00 $359.00
    Volume DIscounts Available

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