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Ground covers are as useful and often more decorative than lawns. Hot, dry spots above a hard-to-mow retaining wall or heavily shaded sites under trees are made-to-order areas where ground covers can work their magic. Like grass, ground covers are permanent plantings that increase in size and beauty over the years.

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On this page, see the Red Mountain Ice Plant and more Ice plant selections, Honeysuckle, Irish Moss, Ivy, Lily of the Valley, Selections of Carpet Boarder Lillies, Liriope, Plumbago, Periwinkle, and the first of several Phlox Plants

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Red Mountain Ice Plant

Easy to grow Red Mountain Ice Plants bloom from early summer until frost, producing daisy-like flowers featuring a pinkish red color with creamy white centers. At only 4 inches tall, this prostrate ground cover is perfect for the rock garden or front of the border, or as a good container plant for hot, dry locations. As this plant requires little water and fills in quickly, it is useful in preventing erosion and is good in hard to grow areas.

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